Mark Colyvan's Branch of the Philosophy Supervisory Tree

Gilbert Ryle (Oxford 1924)
            J.J.C. Smart (B.Phil Oxford 1948)
                        Mark Colyvan (PhD ANU 1998)
                                    Mitch Parsell (PhD Tasmania 2000)
                                    Kristie Miller (PhD Queensland 2005)
                                    Katie Steele (PhD Sydney 2007)
                                    Adam La Caze (PhD Sydney 2009)
                                    Fabien Medvecky (PhD Sydney 2012)
                                    Steven Robertson (PhD Sydney 2013)
                                    Nathaniel Gan (PhD Sydney 2021)

Further details of the Australasian philosophy supervisory tree can be found at Details of the global philosophy supervisory tree can be found at

On a related matter, my Erdös number is at most 4 by the following paths: [Paul Erdös, Paul C. Kainen, Vladik Y. Kreinovich, Scott A. Ferson, Mark Colyvan] and [Paul Erdös, Frank Harary, Luc Longpré, Lev R. Ginzburg, Mark Colyvan]. Other longer (though scenic) paths include: [Paul Erdös, Alfred Tarski, Patrick Suppes, Jean-Yves Béziau, Otávio Bueno, Mark Colyvan], [Paul Erdös, Joel H. Spencer, Nuel D. Belnap, Robert K. Meyer, Richard Sylvan, Graham Priest, Mark Colyvan] and [Paul Erdös, Ákos Seress, Harvey M. Friedman, Robert K. Meyer, Greg Restall, JC Beall, Mark Colyvan].

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