University of Sydney Philosophy Postgraduate Placement Record

Over the last 20 years or so, about 69% of our PhD students have ended up in academic positions, (tenured positions, postdocs or extended contract positions), with 47% landing in tenured positions, and over 80% in good jobs related to their research work in philosophy.

Gender Balance: 35% of our PhD graduates are female, with 75% of these placed in academic positions (45% tenured) and 90% in good jobs related to their research work in philosophy.

Listed below are the recent (last 20 years or so) philosophy PhD graduates from the University of Sydney. (We do not give names, for privacy reasons.) The year of the award of the PhD is given along with the thesis topic and the current employment of the graduate. We have made every effort to ensure that this list is a complete list of PhD graduates since 1996.

*1996: feminist ethics; Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Greenwich.

*1996: history of philosophy; Associate Professor, Catholic Institute of Sydney.

*1997: Hegel; Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, UNSW.

*1997: ethics; Associate Professor in Philosophy, UNSW.

*1997: Kant's aesthetics; Future Fellow and Associate Professor of Philosophy, Monash University.

1997: Nietzsche on Morality; Architect.

*1997: history of philosophy; ARC Future Fellow and Professor of Philosophy, University of Sydney.

*1998: continental philosophy and ethics; Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Queensland.

1999: Levinas; whereabouts unknown.

1999: Lyotard on deliberation and the will; Lecturer in Legal Studies, The Sydney Institute of Technology.

*2001: philosophy of logic; Lecturer in Philosophy, Macquarie University.

*2001: German philosophy; Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Macquarie University.

2001: Greek philosophy; Administrative Officer, School of Philosophy, UNSW.

*2002: epistemology and ethics; Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Sydney.

*2003: continental and early modern philosophy; ARC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Sydney, now Senior Lecturer in Humanities, Philosophy, at Yale-NUS College, Singapore.

*2004: Deleuze; Docent and Associate Professor in Architecture, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Stockholm.

2004: Kant and Deleuze; Fixed-Term Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, North Western University.

2004: Greek philosophy; Lecturer, University of Notre Dame Australia, Sydney Campus.

2005: Nietzsche on responsibility; 5-year contract Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Sydney, now casual lecturing University of Melbourne.

*2005: theories of truth; Assistant Professor in Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan.

2005: personal identity; Lecturer in Philosophy, Macquarie University.

2005: ethics; whereabouts unknown.

2005: philosophy of art; Management Consultant, Harris Partners, Sydney.

2006: political philosophy; Attorney General's Department in Canberra.

*2006: social and political philosophy; Senior Lecturer, Flinders University.

2006: philosophy of language; Lecturer, University of Texas at Arlington and Instructor in Philosophy at Houston Community College.

2006: idealist theories of punishment; Postdoc, Macquarie University.

2006: Hegel and social theory; honorary appointment in Philosophy at the University of New South Wales.

2006: social philosophy; Librarian, University of Sydney Fisher Library and Tutor in philosophy at the University of Sydney.

*2006: philosophy of statistics; Lecturer in Philosophy and Research Fellow in the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, ANU, now casual lecturing at the University of Sydney.

*2006: environmental ethics; Lecturer, University of Western Sydney.

*2006: philosophy of science; Associate Professor in Philosophy, NYU, Shanghai.

*2007: Foucault; Senior Lecturer, University of Western Sydney.

2007: history of philosophy; Associate Editor, Case Magazine.

2007: Greek philosophy; deceased.

*2007: philosophy of music; Associate Professor, Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney.

*2007: decision theory; Associate Professor, London School of Economics.

2008: environmental ethics; whereabouts unknown.

2008: history of philosophy; whereabouts unknown.

2008: history of philosophy; published poet and writer.

2009: empiricism; whereabouts unknown.

*2009: ancient philosophy; Program supervisor external studies, Moore Theological College.

*2009: philosophy of statistics; Lecturer, University of Queensland.

2010: well-being; Postdoc, University of Sydney.

2011: philosophy of physics; Postdoc, University of Queensland.

*2012: Agamben; Lecturer, Federation University, Ballarat.

2012: philosophy of mind; Postdoc, University of Cambridge.

2012: political philosophy; Research Facilitator, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

2012: philosophy of physics; on the job market.

2012: philosophy of physics; Assistant Professor, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany.

*2012: philosophy of time; Lecturer, University of Western Australia.

*2012: environmental philosophy; Lecturer, University of Otago.

2013: decision theory; Public Servant, Australian Law Reform Commission.

2014: value theory; Postdoc, Lund University, Sweden.

2014: Kant; Casual Lecturer, University of Sydney.

*2014: political philosophy; Lecturer, University of Tasmania.

2014: philosophy of biology; Postdoc, Macquarie University.

2015: philosophy of biology; Postdoc, University of Sydney.

* Holds (or held) a continuing academic appointment

Some of our more notable PhD graduates include (names used with permission): Peter Anstey (Future Fellow and Professor of Philosophy, University of Sydney), Phil Dowe (Professor of Philosophy, ANU), Alison Ross (Future Fellow and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Monash University), Katie Steele (Associate Professor of Philosophy at the London School of Economics), Kim Sterelny (Professor of Philosophy at ANU), and John Sutton (Professor of Cognitive Science, Macquarie University).

As well as the above PhD students, the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sydney has had many successful MA students who have gone on to pursue graduate work in some of the best universities in the world, such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Oxford, the University of Chicago, the University of Cambridge, the University of Michigan, and Columbia University.

Many of our honours students have pursued academic careers. University of Sydney philosophy honours students can be found in various academic positions at universities such as Caltech, Harvard and Sydney. Our honours students have also been accepted into graduate programs at UCSD, Oxford, Princeton, Pittsburgh, Harvard, Columbia and Chicago (and include Rhodes scholarship winners).


Last updated: 2 June 2015

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